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AJR is an American pop band, active since 2005. The band is composed of three brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Metzger. They all together write, produce, and mix their songs in their living room.

They were very successful with songs like "I’m ready", "Weak", "100 Bad Days" or "Bang!".

Turning Out is one of their greatest songs, romantic but strong at the same time. Through this song, they tried to talk about the cultural differences about being in love.

It is like life, you see it in one way around you, on TV and so on…but then you feel it in another way on your skin and in your soul. In addition, this, of course, happens every time you fall in love again, it is different.

Turning Out is about how we understand being in love from the movies or cartoons or other media, but our personal reality may be different and that makes us unsure of the love or feelings we carry, because of the wrong expectations.

Therefore, AJR tried to make everyone open their eyes and face reality and life and live it by their rules. This is also expressed in the free Turning Out piano sheet music.

The music video of Turning Out is really nice. Of course, cartoon style, with girl and boy in out in the space, trying to live by some rules or expectations, but reality strikes them and they fell in love when they least expect or better said, because of things they underestimate, because they thought they should be in a specific way, but reality beat the imagination.

In the end, he falls in the space and gets farther and farther from the spaceship, until she comes after him and gives up the ship, just because of being afraid to lose him.

Looking into the free Turning Out piano sheets composition we find out that it was written by Ryan Met, Jack, and Adam Met. The song has mixing elements brought in by Joe Zook and violin by Alicia Svigals.

Turning Out was released on the 16th of September, 2016 and it is part of the album named The Click – 2017.

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Turning Out - AJR piano tutorial

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