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The Jackson 5, also known as the Jacksons, is an American pop band, composed of members of the Jackson family.

Founded in 1956, the band was initially composed of Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine, and soon after that, the rest of the brothers joined, Marlon and Michael.

I’ll Be There is the first single from their third album, named exactly like this Third Album, by The Jackson 5.

It was recorded by The Jackson 5 and it was released on August 28, 1970. I’ll Be There was written by Berry Gordy, Hal Davis, Bob West, and Willie Hutch and it was released by Motown Records.

Like many of their songs, it was a success, being their fourth number one hit in a row, won a lot of prizes and made Jackson 5 the first group to have their four singles reaching number one. It is also considered by Michael Jackson to be the song that solidified the group’s career and audience.

The free I’ll Be There piano sheet music is a romantic song, and was the most successful single by The Jacksons, selling more than 4.2 million copies in the US and over 6 million worldwide.

It reached number one on the Billboard Pop Singles Chart, on the Hot 100 stayed as number one for more than two weeks, it was their most famous song, had a lot of live performances, a lot of covers by many well-known artists, was used in movies, commercials like for example Pepsi Commercial in 1992.

I’ll Be There had an important impact also on Mariah Carey’s career also, being the breakthrough hit outside North America and becoming her most successful single.

The song has been featured on Mariah’s albums including #1s in 1998, Greatest Hits in 2001, The Ballads in 2008, The Essential Mariah Carey in 2011, and #1 to Infinity in 2015.

Looking into the free I’ll Be There piano sheets composition, we can find that Michael’s voice is the lead vocal, with his brother Jermaine coming in on the bridge.

The song transmits a very romantic message that the lover is sending to the love of his life, saying that he will be there for her no matter what, even if she ever finds someone new, she can always come back to him. This was the most romantic message ever in a song, becoming the most romantic song of the era.

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