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In 1980 Simon Diaz, among other great songs, gave us Caballo Viejo.

Simon Diaz was a Venezuelan singer and composer, active between 1948 and 2007 in the world of music.

The artist was also an actor, performed in theatre and motion pictures, and was a Grammy Award-winning composer of Venezuelan music.

He is also the composer of Caballo Viejo, which was recorded by the Gipsy Kings as the famous Bamboleo.

He left us in February 2014 but left behind such great hits.

Caballo Viejo was released in 1980 as a Venezuelan folk song.

It was released through Palacio as part of Simon Diaz’s album with the same name - Caballo Viejo and from his album Golpe Y Pasaje.

The free Caballo Viejo piano sheet music was written and composed by Diaz, and shortly after its release, the song became one of the most popular and important folk songs in Venezuela.

Because of its success, Caballo Viejo has been recorded in many different languages and interpretations over time.

Some examples would be the versions by Celso Pina, Celia Cruz, Julio Iglesias, Placido Domingo, or Beat Street.

One of the most famous versions of the song is the one by Ray Coniff, who was an American composer, bandleader, and arranger.

The song is also reminded when we speak of Bamboleo, by Gipsy Kings, who has some verses from Caballo Viejo.

The free Caballo Viejo piano sheets have a length of 2:59 minutes in their original version and are considered part of the folk music genre.

It is a song that transmits a happy vibe and the wish to dance.

The good news is that starting from today, we put at your disposal all the materials about Caballo Viejo on our website, for you to learn how to play it at your piano.

Piano tutorial and cover

Caballo Viejo - Ray Conniff piano tutorial

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