Lana del Rey - Ride sheet music

Today we chose to bring in front of you one of the most amazing contemporary voices – Lana Del Rey, with her song Ride.

Lana Del Rey, by her real name Elizabeth Woolridge Grand, was born in 1985 in America, and she started her musical career in 2005, embracing incredible success worldwide.

She is loved by the public and critics for her cinematic quality and exploration of sensational themes like glamour, melancholia, or romance.

Because we wanted more of a soul music genre song, we chose for our article today the free Ride piano sheets.

Ride was released by Lana Del Rey in September 2012, as part of her third extender play -EP, named Paradise.

The writers of the free Ride piano sheet music are Lana Del Ray and Justin Parker, and the song was produced by Rick Rubin.

Ride was released as a soul-pop music genre song with ballad influences, through Polydor and Interscope Records and it reached the top ten in Russia, France, Ireland, and Switzerland.

The theme of the song incorporates motifs from loneliness, alcohol consumption, and parental issues.

Ride has also an accompanying music video which was directed by Anthony Mandler.

The video features Lana Del Rey in a role that was compared to Lolita and A Streetcar Named Desire.

Because of its deep meanings, the song has received mixed reviews from music critics, some considering it "meaningless", while others loved it and saw it as "really something".

Looking into the composition of Ride, the song comes with a length of 4:49 minutes in its original album version and is considered more of a ballad, rather than a pop song.

Ride incorporates elements like piano, strings, and husky vocals, as it is a simple song with a very nice composition, not complicated at all, reason why is considered such a great song.

Piano tutorial and cover

Ride - Lana del Rey piano tutorial

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