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Let’s start this weekend fulfilling another one of your wishes, by bringing on our website the free Where Is My Mind piano sheets, by Maxence Cyrin.

The original song was written by Pixies – an alternative rock band formed in Boston back in 1986.

Pixies sing punk & surf rock, alternative rock and many other kinds of rock music genres and the band consists out of Black Francis, Joey Santiago, David Lovering and Kim Deal.

Maxence Cyrin is a french pianist and composer, playing pop and classical music, and he released his cover of Where Is My Mind in 2009.

His version was featured also in The Leftovers, Mr Robot and It’s Kind of a Funny Story.

The free Where Is My Mind piano sheet music was originally released in November 1987, by the Pixies, as the seventh song from their debut album named Surfer Rosa.

The song is one of the band’s signature songs, even if it wasn’t released as a single.

The song has inspired many covers and it is present among us nowadays – featured on the 2021 version of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time – at number 493.

With a length of 3:53 minutes, the song was written by frontman Black Francis and produced by Steve Albini.

Where Is My Mind was released as an alternative rock and indie rock music genres song, through Rough Trade?

The story behind the song takes us back to the times when Black Francis attended the University of Massachusetts and he got inspired by his scuba diving experience in the Caribbean.

Because of its success, the song had a great cultural impact, being featured in many films, for example, Fight Club – 1999, Where is my mind – 2004, Criminal Minds or Warehouse.

The song is still on the radio nowadays, so you can start performing your version at your piano at home, and don’t forget to return with your feedback, as it is very important to us.

Piano tutorial and cover

Where Is My Mind - Maxence Cyrin piano tutorial

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