Frank Sinatra - Strangers In The Night sheet music

Strangers in The Night is a famous traditional pop song from the great singer Frank Sinatra.

Written by Charles Singleton, Eddie Snyder, and Bert Kaempfert, the song initially received the name Beddy Bye and it was part of the soundtrack for the movie A Man Could Get Killed.

It became widely known after it was covered by Frank Sinatra. The singer recorded it on April 11th, 1966, and released it in the same year.

The free Strangers in The Night piano sheet music was released shortly after, and fans loved it.

With a length of 2:35 minutes on the initial single album version and one of 2:35 minutes on the album Nothing but The Best, it's one of the classic songs from the '70s.

Strangers in The Night was released as part of the album with the same name, and it features a memorable segment at the end, when Sinatra sings doo-be-doo-be-doo-be, just as the song fades.

The full scat singing is featured on the version from the album Nothing from The Best.

The single was produced by Jimmy Bowen and it was one of the most successful songs of the '70s.

It topped Billboard Hot 100 for fifteen weeks, and it also reached number one on the Easy Listening chart and the UK Singles Chart.

The rewarding work brought Frank Sinatra three Grammy Awards: one for Best Arrangement Accompanying A Vocalist Or Instrumentalist (Ernie Freeman), one for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, for the singer, and also one for Record Of The Year.

Strangers in The Night was later covered by Connie Francis, who recorded it on May 31st, 1966, and released it in 1967. Her version was produced by Tom Wilson.

Other artists who covered the song throughout the years include Aerosmith, on the album Live! Bootleg, Jack Jones, also in 1966, Rodney Dangerfield, in 2005, Petula Clark, for the album I Couldn't Live Without Your Love, the tenor Sergio Franchi, Brenda Lee, Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, for his 1967 album Born Free, Ivo Robic and many others.

Strangers in The Night represented Frank Sinatra's first song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and stay there for weeks.

It was the beginning of what was going to become one of the greatest artists from the '70s and it is now considered his signature song.

A classic, it stayed in the charts for decades, as it was covered by dozens of artists throughout the time.

With the free Strangers in The Night piano sheets below, you can be a part of the story that started in the early '60s and continues to this day.

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