Coldplay - Trouble sheet music

Trouble is a song by Coldplay, a wonderful alternative rock band from London.

Recorded for their debut album, "Parachutes", released in 2000, the song was co-produced with the help of British record producer Ken Nelson.

Being the third single for "Parachutes", it barely entered, but nevertheless made it into the Top 10 of the United Kingdom Singles Chart.

We hope that you will enjoy this piano-centered song; it is a chillful, yet vibrant song that needed its own free Trouble piano sheets here, on BossPiano.

With Will Champion playing the drums and Martin on the piano to start with, the song lately got Guy Berryman’s bass and Jonny Buckland’s guitar part. The song was meant to be kept simple and they managed to do just that, it is clearly distinguishable and has a unique harmony pleasant for any ears.

With a minimalist composition of a very low-volumed snare that gets faded out by the guitars, the song’s themes are also very simple, yet passionate, ranging from the feelings of making mistakes and apologizing, to those of loving unconditionally, even when bad things happen.

With a low tempo of only 70 beats per minute, the song adheres to the simple pop style and cannot be called a rock song, yet Coldplay’s style relies on emotional and tender music, not on heavy drums or guitars.

The sheet music resulting from this song is well transitioned and we think that anyone will enjoy learning this song. It is simply beautiful.

Being released on 26 October 2000 in the UK and on 18 December 2001 in the United States, the song didn’t quite make it in the US, not getting high on any major charts.

An extended version of the song was released in 2001, titled "Trouble - Norwegian Live EP", being featured on their 2003 live album, and called "Live 2003".

The band members rejected offers for marketing usage of the song, as well as with their other songs and, even if not very successful, it managed to get up to number 23 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 and even 28 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks.

With two different music videos, the song has been a success at the time for Coldplay, saving them from being just a one-hit wonder, as Martin claimed.

If you want to learn how to play Coldplay’s Trouble on the piano, we have listed below the free Trouble piano sheet music for the song, as well as a video tutorial to help you get started.

Piano tutorial and cover

Trouble - Coldplay piano tutorial

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