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The Canadian-American artist Alanis Morissette, was born in June 1974 in Ontario and she activates as a singer and songwriter.

She is best known for her emotive mezzo-soprano voice.

She started her musical career in Canada in 1986 and she is still active in the present.

Over the years, Alanis Morissette earned 15 Tony Award nominations.

She is the singer of the song we are going to talk about today – Uninvited.

The song was written by her and co-produced with Rob Cavallo, in 1998.

Uninvited was released in February 1998, has a length of 4:43 minutes, and is a single from the soundtrack of the City of Angels movie soundtrack.

The song is part of the album named City of Angels: Music from the Motion Picture.

The song was all over the radio stations in March 1998 and received substantial media attention.

Looking into the free Uninvited piano sheet music composition, the song is driven by four piano notes and has a wonderful instrumental climax.

It is considered a moody song, a haunting atmosphere, and cryptic lyrics.

This album was very successful and made Alanis Morissette one of the biggest music stars, making the fans anxiously waiting for a follow-up.

It was nominated for three Grammy Awards in 1999: Best Female Rock Vocal Performance, Best Rock Song, and Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television.

It was covered by famous artists like Freemasons, a Japanese rock band named Coldrain in 2017, Greg Gould, and Earshot in 2020.

The song has no music video, but you can find three videos of performances of the famous hit.

One of them was released in 1999, the second one is 2002 and the third was included on the VH1 Storytellers.

You can find all the information you need about the song and its free Uninvited piano sheets if you want to play it on your piano at home.

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