Tamia - Officially Missing You sheet music

Tamia, by her full name Tamia Marilyn Washington Hill, was born in May 1975 in Ontario, Canada.

She is a Canadian artist, acting as a singer, songwriter, producer, and actress.

Tamia performed in some singing and dancing competitions when she was a child and she started her career in 1994.

She sings mainly R&B, soul, and urban contemporary music and is highly appreciated for some of her songs, like example So Into You, Stranger in My House, and Imagination.

Today we are addressing one of her songs - Officially Missing You.

The song was written by Marcus Vest and produced by 7 Aurelius.

Officially Missing You was released in September 2003, as part of Tamia’s third studio album named More.

The free Officially Missing You piano sheet music was released as the lead single of the album and has a specific acoustic style, due to the acoustic guitar and Tamia’s wonderful voice.

The hit was written by Seven Aurelius as a melancholic lament.

The song has as the main element the acoustic guitar, making it a special song.

Looking into the composition of the free Officially Missing You piano sheets, it includes elements like strings, percussion, mixing elements, acoustic guitar, and other arrangements.

Once released, it went straight on top of the charts in the US, peaking at number one in the Adult R&B Songs chart, number 31 on the US Hot R&B/Hip Hop songs, and number 83 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Officially Missing You has also a music video, directed by Paul Hunter.

The video features Tamia in a bed, in white sheets, touching herself, describing what she hears and feels, because of the pain caused by the leaving of her lover.

She tries to go on in life without him, but is impossible for her, as she really misses him.

This is a wonderfully romantic song, which you would gladly try playing at your piano at home.

Piano tutorial and cover

Officially Missing You - Tamia piano tutorial

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