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Those from the River – by their stage name Los del Rio, are one of the most famous Spanish bands.

The band was formed in 1962 by Antonio Romero Monge and Rafael Ruis Perdigones.

They successfully created the worldwide known hit Macarena, which is heard nowadays at almost every wedding or party.

They started their music career in 1962 and they are still active in the present.

Their main activities are Latino dancing and singing.

Macarena is the band’s greatest hit, about a woman with the name of the song.

The song was released in August 1993, as part of the band’s albums named A mi me Gusta and Fiesta Macarena.

It has a length of 4:12 minutes and belongs to the dance-pop, latin pop and pop music genres.

The free Macarena piano sheets were written by Rafael Ruiz Perdigones, Antonio Romero Monge, and SWK and were produced by Los del Rio.

Went straight on top of the Greatest One-Hit Wonder of All Time in 2002.

The song spent 14 weeks at number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming one of the longest runs atop the chart in history.

Looking into its composition, the free Macarena piano sheet music uses a type of clave rhythm.

It was written in the key of A major, at a tempo of 103 beats per minute.

It also has a Christmas version, named Macarena Christmas, and many versions from other famous artists. For example, one of the greatest versions is the one by Los del Mar.

The story behind the lyrics is about a flamenco teacher, who performed a dance for a guest in South America in 1992 – Diana Patricia Cubillan Herrera.

When Los del Rio wrote the song, they changed the woman’s name to Macarena, in honor of Antonio’s Monge daughter named Esperanza Macarena.

Macarena’s music video was directed by Vincent Calvet and was choreographed by Mia Frye.

The video features ten women singing and dancing with Los del Rio, on a white background.

We are pleased to offer you all the necessary materials so you can play Macarena at your piano so easily.

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