R. City - Locked Away (feat Adam Levine) sheet music

R. City is the short name from rock City, which is a US Virgin Islands musical band, formed in 2003 in Saint Thomas.

The band is formed out of the brothers Theron Uptown AP Thomas and Timothy AI Thomas.

They activate as hip-hop, R&B, and reggae fusion music genre band, and they have been active since 2003.

The song we are talking about today – Locked Away – is by R. City featuring Adam Levine.

Adam is an American singer and songwriter, the vocalist of the pop-rock band named Maroon 5.

He began his musical career in 1994 and is still active and giving us amazing songs.

The R. City band and Adam Levine got together and released Locked Away, a great song, which is loved by the fans and public.

The free Locked Away piano sheet music was released in June 2015, under the RCA Records label, and immediately topped the charts.

Locked Away peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the band’s first top ten hits.

The free Locked Away piano sheets have a length of 3:49 minutes in its original version and it belongs to the dancehall, pop and reggae fusion music genres.

It is written in the key of D major, with a tempo of 94 beats per minute, and the theme is about a man who gets locked in and asks his lover if she would love him the same.

The story behind the song is based on a true story, from Theron’s life.

It was the story of his father, who did some crazy things over the years and his wife let him down.

This is the reason why he became a trash man, had drug problems, and so on.

So, the real question of the song is, what if I got locked away, would you still love me the same? Would you be by my side and never let me down?

The hit song has also a deep music video, released in August 2015, featuring four different families, a soldier leaving his family to return to service, a couple fighting to make ends meet, a man returning home to his child and the wife, and a father and daughter torn apart by an unlawful act.

Because this is a wonderful song, we put all the information together and we offer it from our heart, on our website, so you can try the song on your piano at home.

Piano tutorial and cover

Locked Away (feat Adam Levine) - R. City piano tutorial

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