Bruno Mars - 24K Magic sheet music

The song "24K Magic" is one of the many written by Bruno Mars alongside Christopher "Brody" Brown and Philip Lawrence.

The track belongs on the album with the same name, which was released in 2016.

The song itself was released on October 7th 2016 on radio station WBMX and has a length of three minutes and forty-six seconds.

The sheet music for "24K Magic" is composed in the originally key of F minor, but it is transposable to other ones.

The meaning of the song is hard to be understood. The intro is supposed to aware the audience about the party that is coming


I just want to take you higher

Throw your hands up in the sky

Let's set this party off right

As a particular thing, usually a song after the intro, starts with a verse. Bruno Mars decided to change the rules for a bit and he started with the chorus.

The chorus is full of joy, expressing the idea of fun and party, while the artist is calling the girls.

In the pre-chorus, Bruno is considering himself to be a

dangerous man with some money in my pocket

Also he describes the situation with the girls and that they don’t bother him at all.

The song is considered to be the R&B, retro funk and disco type musical genre. "24K Magic" has a score range of F4-Eb6.

It got very popular and reached No. 1 in Argentina (Monitor Latino), Canada Hot AC (Billboard), Israel (Media Forest), Mexico Ingles Airplay (Billboard), New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ), Venezuela English (Record Report) and in many top charts from all around the world.

The piano music for "24K Magic" has a freely tempo, with an average of 92-96 beats per minute. Enjoy the 24K Magic free piano sheet music.

The piano tabs for "24K Magic" are composed in the measure 4/4.

Piano tutorial and cover

24K Magic - Bruno Mars piano tutorial

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