The Weeknd - Starboy (feat Daft Punk) sheet music

"Starboy" is a popular song of the singer The Weeknd, featuring Daft Punk.

The track was released on The Weeknd's third studio album with the same name . It was released on September 22nd 2016.

The song was written by the artist himself alongside Doc McKinney, Jason "Daheala" Quenneville and Henry "Cirkut" Walter.

THe sheet music for piano of "Starboy" is composed in the originally key of A minor. "Starboy" has a score ranged for A4-A5.

The lyrics of the song are expressing the fame of the artist and through the song he refers to the audience.

The first line

I'm tryna put you in the worst mood, ah

is a warning for the listeners that somehow they won’t feel so good while they listen this song.

Later in the song, in the chorus more exactly he claims that the audience are part of the material excess and emotional disconnection alongside his career

Look what you've done

I’m a motherfuckin' starboy

Look what you've done

I'm a motherfuckin' starboy

The chorus might also be a bitter look at fame, seen through the fault of fans.

In the pre-chorus the first line

House so empty, need a centerpiece

is about the fact that the artist is never home, and by that the house is empty most of the time, due to all the shows and tours he has, but he somehow needs something to make the house feel less empty. This verse is about his emotional loneliness which can let us believe that despite of all the fame he has, he doesn’t have many people around him.

In the second verse the singer sings about how the success of his career caused him personal problems with different people

Every day a nigga try to test me, ah

Every day a nigga try to end me, ah

this maybe because people are jealous for his great work.

Starboy's piano sheet music has a moderately tempo with 92-96 beats per minute.

The song got really popular and was No. 1 in France, New Zealand, Norway, Canada, Denmark, Mexico and Sweden and also got in to charts in many other countries.

Starboy's tabs can be used as rehersal material for practice by anyone who enjoys playing the piano.

Piano tutorial and cover

Starboy (feat Daft Punk) - The Weeknd piano tutorial

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