Mariah Carey - Love Takes Time sheet music

The song "Love Takes Time" is one of the many songs recorded by Mariah Carey. Mariah wrote the song alongside Ben Margulies, while Walter Afanasieff was the only one producer.

"Love Takes Time" sheet music is suitable for piano, guitar and vocal.

The track belongs on Mariah Carey’s album, with the same name as the singer, released in 1990.

The piano sheet music for "Love Takes Time" is composed in the originally key of B major. "Love Takes Time" has a score range of F#3-G#5.

The song can be considered a confession of the singer.

It starts with a regret expressed with the lines

I had it all

But I let it slip away

As she was in the relationship she could not see properly the way she was acting and now that her lover is gone she can tell she treated him wrong. The chorus is about the fact that after any break up, the healing process is a long way and it takes time

Love takes time

To heal when you're hurting so much

Also the chorus is about the pain everyone feels after a break up, when the loved one is no longer around and by that she has to face that pain by herself

I can't escape the pain


'Cause love takes time

I don't want to be here

I don't wanna be here alone

The last line from the chorus is expressing her desire she feels for her lover to be here, and by that she would not face this hard situation all by herself, because he is the only one who can make the pain fade.

The fact that her lover is no longer by her side is lightly expressed in the second verse with the lines

Losing my mind

From this hollow in my heart

Suddenly I'm so incomplete

She is praying for the Lord as she feels lonely and he begs him to stop the tears

Tell me how to stop the rain

Tears are falling down endlessly

The track reached No. 1 in US Billboard Hot 100, US Adult Contemporary, US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (Billboard) but also many others positions in the worldwide.

The song "Love Takes Time" piano music has a slowly tempo.

Piano tutorial and cover

Love Takes Time - Mariah Carey piano tutorial

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