The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming (feat Daft Punk) sheet music

"I Feel It Coming" is a song of the singer The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk.

The song was included on The Weeknd’s third studio album named Starboy from 2016. It was released for online download first on November 18th 2016.

The song is written and produced by the artist himself alongside Doc McKinney and Cirkut, with help on writing it from Eric Chedeville.

The piano sheet music for "I Feel It Coming" is composed in the originally key of Eb major.

"I Feel It Coming" has a score ranged for Eb4-Bb5.

The track was send to British contemporary hit radio and then it was on air at US radio on December 6th 2016.

The meaning of the song is can be different, depending from which side the listener gets the message. The main theme of the track is a relationship or better said is about the feeling of love and desire for the one you love.

The first verse is expressing the feelings of the artist, which sings to his lover to be honest with him, because he can read between lies and truth:

Tell me what you really like

Baby, I can take my time

We don't ever have to fight

Just take it step-by-step

I can see it in your eyes

'Cause they never tell me lies

In the pre-chorus he tries to make her realize that he can console her, the girl that had been through bad experiences and relationships (he also had a song about relationship abuse, named "Earned it").

The lyrics

Just a simple touch and it can set you free

We don't have to rush when you're alone with me

can mean that he will be on his side no matter what and that they can take all the time they need to build a relationship.

The song's sheet music is transposable from the original key, to any type of piano player from beginners to advances.

The song reached different positions in many to charts like No. 5 in Slovakia (Singles Digitál Top 100), No. 6 in Netherlands (Dutch Top 40), No. 10 in New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ) and many others.

I Feel It Coming's piano tabs has a moderately tempo, with 92-96 beats per minute.

Piano tutorial and cover

I Feel It Coming (feat Daft Punk) - The Weeknd piano tutorial

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