One Republic - Apologize sheet music

One Republic is one of the best bands when it comes to the greatest songs ever.

In addition, this is not said without having any founding reasons. One of the most suitable examples in this regard may be represented by the song named Apologize.

The song is written by One Republic's frontman, Ryan Tedder, and included on the band’s first album, "Dreaming Out Loud", which gathered a lot of good opinions, a good remix being also included on the Timbaland’s album called "Shock Value".

It seemed that the remixed version contributed a lot to the high degree of success received by the song.

Another good thing about the song and also about the band is represented by the fact that this hit became the first in history to be qualified the biggest radio airplay from the Pop Songs radio in North America, having no less than 10 thousand plays in only one week.

Apologize is one of the band’s biggest hits having reached international popularity and success.

It peaked the charts in no less than sixteen countries: Sweden, Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada, Austria, Turkey, and many others.

Its strength can be easily concluded from the fact that it touched the hearts of millions throughout many continents.

Apologize was placed at number fifty in the list of "All Time Top Songs", made by Billboard Hot 100. It broke Carlos Santana’s record and stayed in Billboard’s Top 10 for 25 weeks.

Many versions of the Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, Canadian band "Silverstein", Dutch band "Within Temptation", and Swedish band "All Ends" made covers of the single.

Apologize has a complex instrumental structure that goes from a cello, drums, percussion, keyboard, and glockenspiel to piano, guitar, and viola.

The single promises to be present in people’s preferences for decades. It already proved to be one of the decade’s best songs. It can be said that Apologize was not the band’s breakthrough single but also one of the genre’s breakthrough songs.

Having so many instruments, including the piano, this is a song that has a great music piano. So, do not hesitate and grab the free Apologize piano sheets below.

Piano tutorial and cover

Apologize - One Republic piano tutorial

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