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It is said that love is in the air, and it may be true, but it depends how it is felt when the air shares it among people. Unfortunately, there are some of us who do not really know to offer enough appreciation and attention to the person next to us.

Sometimes, you must think twice before taking an action, because your own actions may have effects that none of our ulterior measures may erase.

This is one of the main ideas emphasized by the song "This Time", belonging to John Legend.

The artist included the song on his album named "Evolver", which is his third studio album, released in 2008.

We offer you the "This Time", a song from John Legend, which promises to be amazing. The containing album, "Evolver", debuted on the fourth position on the U.S. Billboard 200, having sales of well over 100 thousand copies. It registered a success also in the UK and Japan, being also certified Gold. The album is a mixture of R&B and neo soul and was definitely a huge success for the artist.

"This Time" is one of those really strong ballads and probably one of the artist’s best.

The single was produced by Dave Tozer and Trevor Horn.

The artist that created the original version of the "This Time" received a lot of appreciation from fans all over the world and this opinion was also shared by critics, who considered it to be deeply accorded to feelings, mentioning that the "This Time", through its notes, in perfect harmony with the ideas.

Regarding the signification of the song, it is built like a message from a lover who does honestly, as lyrics say, regret the way he behaved in his relationship with the one he loves, who now seems to have let him behind…

John Legend's free This Time piano sheet is just a scroll away. Enjoy and stay tuned for more hits!

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