Pink - Glitter In The Air sheet music

"Glitter in the Air" is one of the numerous songs by American recording artist Pink.

It demonstrates a lot the qualities of the singer and not only, it fascinates people of different ages, anytime.

This is one of the reasons why it was possible for us to offer you the free "Glitter in the Air" piano sheet, which is also very catchy.

The song was included by Pink on her fifth studio album, suggestively called "Funhouse".

The ones that contributed in the realization of such a great creation were Billy Mann, Michelle Mears and, of course, Pink herself.

A remarkable thing is represented by the fact that the song may be seen as a pop ballad, on the ground of a gentle and soft piano accompaniment.

But, there is not only one thing to be considered attractive, meaning the piano chords that are charming, but also the lyrics, which are impressive through their deepness and the emotions they are able to share to any listener, even though they are not included into the "Glitter in the Air"'s sheet music.

Regarding the way in which the song was received by the public opinion and critics, we could state that both of the parts seemed pleased to listen and analyze the song.

Even though some voices said the song was only a cliché ballad, there were other voices, probably stronger ones that considered the song to be the best vocal performance from the songs included on the containing album.

Not being accompanied by any voice or words, the "Glitter in the Air" piano interpretation may have a strong point in this regard.

Some proofs of the fact that it received appreciation may be the positions that it was placed on in different countries' charts. It debuted at number 18 and 13 in the US and Canada.

The single debuted at number 18 and 13 in the United States, where it marked the first time when Pink had no less than five singles from one album chart on the Billboard Hot 100, and Canada.

Undoubtedly, the soft piano notes of the "Glitter in the Air" will glitter not only in the air of the place where you are at that moment, but it could be possible for you to see its glitter even inside your mind and soul, when being in the mood of deeply thinking of something or somebody or of yourself.

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Glitter In The Air - Pink piano tutorial

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