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The English singer and songwriter Passenger is best known for his single Let her Go, released in 2012. He started performing when he was 16 and became a member of the band Passenger in 2003.

He released eleven albums and fifteen singles, reaching number one more than once in most of the charts, in countries like Australia, Luxembourg, Finland, Italy, Sweden, and many more.

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Beautiful Birds has a wonderful meaning and melodic line. The author wanted to send a very important message through this song, mainly how it is to look back in the past at how they used to be. They were two amazing in love birds, that had a vibrant and unique relationship.

The song also describes the birds, one was "orange and red like the sun when it sets" and the other was "green as an apple’s eye". The girl- a bird that is the orange one, and the boy - a bird that is the green one.

The song describes their love, their passion, and unique relationship, with examples like the fact that he was singing to her and his song was the most amazing she had ever heard. Unfortunately, one day she wanted to listen to another song, metaphorically meaning that she wanted something new.

They tried to sing another song, but they could not, so their beautiful story fell apart. Their colors were not the same anymore, his song wasn’t the most beautiful to her and so they changed a lot and they were not so in love like they used to be and remained trapped in their relationship, comfortable but not happy.

Looking into the composition of Beautiful Birds, we can identify instruments like piano, guitar, and vocal.

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Beautiful Birds - Passenger piano tutorial

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