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As one of the most famous singers and actresses, Cher – Cherilyn Sarkisian, brings us today on our website, one of her amazing songs, Believe.

Cher is an American singer, actress, and TV figure, known as the "Goddess of Pop".

She is famous for her distinctive contralto singing voice and for the variety of areas, styles, and appearances over the years.

She sings mainly pop, dance, and disco and has been active in the world of music since 1963.

Believe was composed for Cher’s twenty-second studio album named Believe, in 1998.

The free Believe piano sheet music was released in October 1998, as part of her album with the same name, as a dance-pop music genre song.

Once released, Believe debuted as the lead single from the album, published by Warner Bros.

It topped the charts in Canada, Italy, Australia, Belgium, Germany, and many other countries, also earning Cher a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest female solo artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The interesting fact about the song is that it is one of the best-selling singles, selling more than 12 million copies worldwide.

The song was written by a team of great people - Brian Higgins, Stuart McLennan, Paul Barry, Steven Torch, Matthew Gray, and Timothy Powell, and was produced by Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling.

The free Believe piano sheets have a length of 3:59 minutes in the album version, adopted a dance-pop style, and features a pioneering use of the audio processing software Auto-Tune, which was loved by other artists also and has been imitated since then.

The tune became the "Cher effect" and was used in many other songs by famous artists.

Believe was written in the key of F major with a tempo of 133 beats per minute and includes a variety of instruments.

The music video made for the song was directed by Nigel Dick and features Cher performing in a nightclub.

Piano tutorial and cover

Believe - Cher piano tutorial

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