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On November 22, 2004, German Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein released one of their best songs. This song is named Ohne Dich, meaning Without you in English.

The song was released on their fourth studio album, Reise Reise from 2004.

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The main idea around Ohne dich is the loss of a close person. The central key point is:

Without you, I cannot be..., With you, I am alone also...

It also has some points related to the environmental movement, more exactly about longing to go into the woods. This is clearly visible in the next verse:

ich werde in die Tannen gehen

But, Rammstein’s song is not about mourning, but about remembering the good aspects of one’s life and how they helped bring people closer.

The musical video was filmed in Kaun Valley and on the Großglockner in Tyrol, Austria.

All band members are shown climbing in the mountains.

During the climb, Rammstein's vocalist Till Lindemann falls and gets badly hurt. The band’s members help Till to the top of the mountain by carrying him. When they reach the top, Till looks around and dies.

The song reached good, but not excellent positions in European musical charts. It performed best in Hungary, reaching the 7th place. It also peaked in top 20 in Finland, Germany and Denmark.

Ohne Dich is a Symphonic rock mixed with ballad. It was recorded in the El Cortijo studio in Málaga, Spain.

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