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If we can be almost sure about one song which you for sure have heard and sung at least once in your life, that is The Final Countdown, by Europe.

Europe is a Swedish rock band, active since 1979, formed by Joey Tempest, John Norum, Peter Olsson, and Tony Reno.

The five members sing mainly glam metal, hard rock, and heavy metal and their major breakthrough was in 1982 when they won the TV competition Rock-SM.

In 1986, they released the free The Final Countdown piano sheets, as part of their album with the same name.

The Final Countdown is the first single and title track for this album, which is the band’s third studio one.

The song was released in February in the US and in October in the UK and is considered a glam metal and hard rock music genre song.

The Final Countdown was written by Joey Tempest and it is based on a keyboard riff that Tempest made in the 80s’.

The lyrics were inspired by David Bowie’s song Space Oddity.

The composition of the song is signed by Kevin Elson and it is based on a combination of guitars and keyboards.

The song was composed in the key of F minor.

Once released, the free The Final Countdown piano sheet music was heard everywhere: in the streets, at a concert, party, or as a ringtone on someone’s phone.

As Tempest declared that:

It's always a nice feeling. Sometimes you hear it on the streets or someone has it on their mobile phone or something… it's a nice feeling

After its release, everybody loved it and The Final Countdown became an instant success and reached number one in more than 30 countries and it has remained the band’s most popular and recognizable song.

The song has also an accompanying music video, which was directed by Nick Morris and contains footage from some of the band’s concerts in Sweden in May 1986.

You can easily access the materials about The Final Countdown and you can try playing it on your piano at home.

Piano tutorial and cover

The Final Countdown - Europe piano tutorial

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