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When in doubt, search for Anouk. When in love, search again.

When you just feel like listening to good music, great voice, and interesting lyrics, you already know, search for Anouk.

Born with musicality from her family, Anouk is the most popular rock singer in the Netherlands. She has been active in the world of music since 1996 and had her breakthrough with her amazing single Nobody's Wife in 1997.

Anouk brings on our website today the single Sacrifice.

The song was released in August 1998, as the fourth and final single from the artist’s album named Together Alone, which is also her debut album.

The free Sacrifice piano sheet music was released as soft rock, maybe even acoustic rock music genre, written by Orfeo Bouman, Simon van Amerongen and was produced by a team formed out of Golden Earring members - Barry Hay and George Kooymans together with John Sonneveld.

When released, the free Sacrifice piano sheets faced big success, topping the charts, reaching number 7 in the Dutch Top 40 and number 6 on the Mega Top 100.

It was the second top 10 hit from the album Together Alone.

The story behind the lyrics of Sacrifice is about a relationship that is coming to an ending.

The reason the relationship ends is the lover.

The person who is in need of freedom, or maybe change.

Sad but true, you cannot keep someone close to you if they are not meant to be there.

The sad story of Sacrifice is the reason why the song is a quiet ballad, where Anouk only accompanies the sound of Lex Bolderdijk's guitar.

The accompanying music video made for Sacrifice was directed by Rene Eller.

The video features Anouk on a boat in northern Norway.

The video was rejected by Anouk and the version of the video was banned.

Don’t waste your time today, go ahead and play it at your piano at home.

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Sacrifice - Anouk piano tutorial

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