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Ennio Morricone is a music composer and orchestrator, among many other titles like the one of conductor or trumpet player. In his long career, he has written songs pertaining to many genres, from classical or jazz to pop, lounge or even funk.

His main occupation was, however, the one of writing music for motion pictures or television series, having written for more than 500 titles. He is one of the most musically educated film writers in history and now we are proud to have piano sheets for his songs, like we do for this one, the main theme for the soundtrack of "Cinema Paradiso", an unnamed song.

"Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" is the original title of the film internationally called "Cinema Paradiso", for which Ennio Morricone composed parts of the soundtrack, with his son, Andrea. "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" is an Italian drama film written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, with actors like Jacques Perrin, Agnese Nano, Marco Leonardi, Philippe Noiret and others.

The movie was released in 1988, when Morricone was a well-known music composer and he was chosen to compose a song that got called "Love Theme" and was featured in a scene, becoming one of the main soundtrack themes for the entire movie. It's an instrumental song of the ‘80s, an Italian song with jazzy vibes.

The plot for the movie was that, in Rome, where Salvatore Di Vita, a famous film director is being told by his girlfriend that someone named Alfredo from his childhood has passed. Then, as the girlfriend asks him who Alfredo is, Salvatore flashes back to his childhood. His childhood is the time after the World War II, when Salvatore was six years old and he spends his time at the movie house, called Cinema Paradiso.

He was called Toto at that time and he becomes friends with the projectionist, called Alfredo, who lets him watches movies and even teaches him how to operate the projector. The movie house catches fire one day and Salvatore saves Alfredo’s life, but the accident causes him to become blind. Now the task of movie projectionist becomes Salvatore’s.

One of many beautiful and successful works by Ennio Morricone, the main theme for the soundtrack of the movie "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" is available with its piano sheet right here, on BossPiano, and, we hope that our users can enjoy it to its fullest. Use the Request feature for more requests and stay tuned for more piano sheets!

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