Bjork - The Anchor Song sheet music

"The Anchor Song" is a single by Bjork, the trip-hop and electronic musician and songwriter.

Being featured on her solo debut album, titled simply "Debut", the song is one of the lesser known on the album and in general, yet it is a beautiful song, that can easily be transitioned to piano.

The album has been released in July 1993 for the One Little Indian Records in the United Kingdom and Elektra Records in the United States.

Even if Bjork mostly writes her own songs, on this album she worked with Nellee Hooper, who previously worked with acts such as Massive Attack, Madonna and Sinead O’Connor, a female singer with a style similar to Bjork’s.

The album featured a great deal of singles, such as "Human Behavior, "Play Dead", the popular "Big Time Sensuality", "Violently Happy" and "Venus as a Boy" and we think that "The Anchor Song" deserves its own place on our website as well.

With a wide range of musical styles, the album has been praised by British music critics, it’s pretty obvious that she worked with jazz musicians for the song arrangements.

Having been sold more than initially expected, the album charted at number three in the United Kingdom, only 61 in the United States, where music critics wanted more "rock music" on the album. It’s not her original style, so the complaints are pretty much unfounded, but it was her first solo album and as a newcomer, she hasn’t been seen with the best of eyes on American soil.

The sheets resulting from her album though are beautiful and we wish to share with you as many as possible from this wonderful artist.

Bjork stated about some of her songs on this album, including this one, that they are of a more "academic, clever side" and it is kind of true, "The Anchor Song" being a sort of ode to the Icelandic tales of sailing, giving the sensation it’s being sung in a bar on the sea side somewhere, where sailors gather to relax after long travels.

The lyrics are short and simple, telling the tale of a sailor, that "lives by the ocean" and drops his anchor wherever he can, calling that newly found place home.

A man of many homes has to be the sailor, never really being home at all, that’s the message of the song and a pretty message at that.

If you want to learn yet another beautiful song by Bjork, "The Anchor Song" can fit right into that.

Listed below is the piano sheet and a video tutorial to help you get the hang of it. Enjoy and subscribe to BossPiano to get monthly updates!

Piano tutorial and cover

The Anchor Song - Bjork piano tutorial

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