Bjork - It's Oh So Quiet sheet music

Originally a song by Horst Winter in 1948, "It's Oh So Quiet", known by the German title "Und jetzt ist es still", it’s been transformed into an English original by Betty Hutton in 1951.

The song has been covered by Bjork in 1995, becoming one of her most successful singles to date.

Bjork, with her eclectic sounding voice and electronically infused style, has debuted as a solo musician in 1993 and, two years after releasing a well-received album, she released this single, which heavily furthered her career.

We think it was the turning point for her, this song having a great influence over her popularity and success, that’s why we chose this song to be featured here, with its fresh piano sheet available just for you, down below.

The music video is created like a musical dance, directed by Spike Jonze and shot in California. When Bjork sings the verses, the song is slow and chillful and the action in the video is in slow motion, but the chorus is pretty elegantly violent and things acquire speed, accelerating the dance moves of the characters, accompanied by stringent beats and Bjork’s occasional high pitched little screams.

The music video has been received pretty well, being nominated for the MTV Video Music Awards in 1996 for various things, from which we remember Best Female Video, Breakthrough Video and Best Choreography in a Video, winning this last award.

Also receiving a Grammy nomination for Best Music Video and being placed number 8 on Listed’s Top 40 Most Memorable Music Videos, it’s a successful song that still gets lots of views internationally.

We recommend you watch the fantastic video, it’s pretty entertaining and, if you think the song suits you, learn it on the piano with the aid of our sheet.

"It’s Oh So Quiet" remains Bjork’s biggest hit, seeing as it reached number 6 in Australia, number 4 in the United Kingdom and actually got certified Gold in the UK, where it sold almost a half a million copies.

Used in a promo for "Sex and the City" and covered for a Disney music titled "Ice Princess", it got heavy media attention and is pretty known around the world, even to these days.

If you want to learn something excentric on the piano, this is the song for you. Even if you won’t be able to capture the explosion of Bjork’s vocals from the song, you would probably enjoy the jazzy air of it and be satisfied with that.

We have listed the piano sheet for "It’s Oh So Quiet" and a video tutorial to help you get started faster. Enjoy the sheets and enjoy BossPiano!

Piano tutorial and cover

It's Oh So Quiet - Bjork piano tutorial

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