Sara Bareilles - Gravity sheet music

The piano sheet for Sara Bareilles' masterpiece titled "Gravity" that you can find on our website is more than beautiful.

You will not only feel attracted by its melodic line, but also by the gentle rhythm it has.

It belongs to Sara Bareilles and was contained by her major label, "Little Voice" released in 2007, being the third single of it.

The composer of the song was Sara herself, the track having as producer Eric Rosse.

The song should be listened at any moment, and it would fit perfectly, besides the beautiful voice that Sara has, the video, which is expressive and was released in February, 3, 2009.

"Gravity" was initially included on her first album, "Careful Confessions" and the first time it was performed during "Brothers and Sisters", the well known television drama series.

As it is highly appreciated worldwide, having also a beautiful sheet, there were many people who created covers for it during the period, since it was released.

Among the artists who covered the song, it is worth to mention Louise Dearman, who included her version on her second album, "Here comes the sun".

In addition, the song was performed by Kelly Clarkson while she delighted the fans during her Stronger World Tour, in Durham, North Carolina and the female artist was appreciated by the original performer, Sara, considering her performance as being "cool".

Performing it on your beloved piano, or only listening to the magnificent melody, you will hopefully feel relaxed and forget about all the bad sides this life surrounding you may have.

"Gravity" itself can be watched from many points of view… Who knows?

Maybe one day your name would become famous due to your piano performance, covering this beautiful song.

Piano tutorial and cover

Gravity - Sara Bareilles piano tutorial

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