One Republic - Feel Again sheet music

When you are famous and you have your greatest power on the scene, you are always craving to "feel again" all those great factors that keep you going on.

The song we chose to bring in front of you today is called Feel Again, by OneRepublic.

OneRepublic is the American pop-rock band, formed in Colorado in 2002, which creates a lot of great rock music and offers us amazing shows.

OneRepublic consists of Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Brent Kutzle, Eddie Fisher, Brian Willett and Drew Brown, and they have been active since 2002 in the music industry.

Among the band’s most famous songs we can mention Oh My My, I Love Myself, All the Right Moves or the free Feel Again piano sheets that we are presenting in this article.

Feel Again was recorded by OneRepublic in 2012 and it was released in August 2012, as part of the band’s third studio album named Native.

The song was promoted as the lead single of the album and also as a promotional single.

The authors of Feel Again are Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle, Drew Brown, Noel Zancanella and the producers of the song are the same great artists.

The song was released through Interscope as a pop-rock music genre, talking about coming back into your own embracing life and transforming from a "lonely soul" to a real man, able to love again.

Once released, the free Feel Again piano sheet music received positive reviews, peaked at number 36 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was considered "wonderfully catchy" by the critics.

From the composition point of view, Feel Again is an up-tempo song and it features an uplifting, hook-laden melody and rhythm, filled with positivity and hope.

You can also enjoy a music video made for the song, which was filmed in a redwood forest in California.

The video was highly appreciated by critics, receiving incredible comments such as:

The hyper colour lights complement the effervescence and effortlessness of Tedder's voice, and the total package is bright, it's colourful, it's earthy. Like a delicious music video salad

Don’t hesitate to enter into the spirit of Feel Again through your piano, as you have all the necessary materials on our website at your disposal.

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Feel Again - One Republic piano tutorial

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