Marc Cohn - Walking In Memphis sheet music

Walking In Memphis is a song by Marc Cohn, released in 1991.

Marc Cohn is an American artist, acting as an actor, singer, and songwriter.

He got famous through his single Walking In Memphis, part of his eponymous 1991 album.

He sings mainly folk-rock and alternative country and plays guitar and keyboards.

Walking In Memphis was released in March 1991, as part of the album named Marc Cohn.

The song was also released as a track, having the songs Dig Down Deep and Silver Thunderbird on its B-side.

The free Walking In Memphis piano sheet music was written by Marc Cohn and composed by him together with Ben Wisch.

Walking In Memphis has a length of 4:18 minutes, was released through Atlantic Records, and is considered part of the Soft rock music genre.

When released, the free Walking In Memphis piano sheets became the signature song of Cohn, who received a Song of the Year nomination at the 34th Grammy Awards in 1992.

It reached number 13 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, number three in Canada, number 7 in Ireland, and 11 in Australia.

Because of its success, the song has been covered by many famous artists such as Cher in 1995, Lonestar in 2003, or Eric Church, and there were many songs over the years, based on Walking In Memphis. For example – Shut Up and Dance version, released in May 1992.

The story behind the lyrics of the song is autobiographical, featuring a 1985 trip that Cohn took to Memphis in order to overcome a bout of writer’s block.

After his trip, he returned to New York, where he is from, and started composing Walking In Memphis.

The good news is that the song is now present on our website and you can challenge yourself in learning how to play it by yourself.

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Walking In Memphis - Marc Cohn piano tutorial

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