Blur - Girls and Boys sheet music

Girls and Boys is a song written by Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Dave Rowntree and produced by Stephen Street.

The song is part of the Blur’s album named Parklife, released in 1994.

When released, they went straight to number 5 in charts in the UK and reached number 1 the next year.

The genre is kind of Britpop, dance-pop, and looking into its composition, we can say that it was inspired by a vacation in Spain, in Magaluf and the spirit is very free and happy.

The liberated spirit is palpable in the free Girls and Boys piano sheet music as well.

The disco drums, guitars a bass gather together and form a nasty style and rhythm. Even if you can hear the drums in the song, Dave Rowntree – the band’s drummer declared he is not on the track, because it was replaced by a drum machine that he programmed.

He was happy not to be in his song.

Girls and Boys' front cover was taken from a pack of Durex condoms, and the video is, as already assumed, full of girls and boys, summer vibes, music, swimming-pool, and sexy images.

The song has also a version covered by the Australian dance band called Vandalism and it was released in 2005, as a single.

Overall, it was called as "undeniably catchy" and it was also controversy as the lyrics state a gender-bending, no one knowing exactly what it is and who wants to satisfy in the end:

"girls who want boys like boys to be girls who do boys like their girls who do girls like their boys."

Take your time, try to have Blur’s verbal debit, and try playing the song at your piano, feeling the special vibe.

Enjoy the free Girls and Boys piano sheets and stay tuned for more songs from this awesome band.

Piano tutorial and cover

Girls and Boys - Blur piano tutorial

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