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Flash is one of the greatest and oldest songs of Queen. The song, it is part of the album named "Flash Gordon" and was written by Brian May, was chosen as a theme song for the comic-book movie "Flash Gordon", from 1980 and has two versions.

The album version and the single version, which contains dialogue cuts from various parts of the movie.

In 2016, it was also used in commercials for Supercell game Clash Royale, a game that is much loved nowadays, especially by couples that want to play together a little game on their mobiles.

Looking into the song’s composition, we should take in consideration that it is sung as a duet between Freddie and Brian, and that Brian plays all the instruments himself.

Amazing rhythm and 97 keys instead of 88, having an extra octave on the low range, the song puts in the first row also Red Special with his homemade electric guitar.

The instruments we can identify while listening to Flash are lead and backing voices (by Freddy and Brian, as a duo), electric guitar, piano, drums, and bass guitar.

Of course, it reached high places on the charts around the world, also the number one in Top hit in most nations, like Europe.

The music video was released in 1980 and it is about the band performing the song to a screen where we can see parts of the movie "Flash Gordon", movie for which Queen wrote the entire soundtrack.

One of the most important dialogues that are mentioned is Brian’s Blessed line, "Gordon’s alive!".

There were some important words of Brian, that define the song very well. They really wanted a soundtrack album, so they put their best in it, and guess what…succeeded.

Try playing Flash at your piano, remembering old times and also old & good voices. Enjoy the free Flash piano sheet music by Queen and let us know what you think.

Piano tutorial and cover

Flash - Queen piano tutorial

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