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2 Become 1 is a well-known song from the ’90. It had a lot of success then and it still has.

Written by Spice Girls, together with Matt Rowe and Richard Stannard in 1996, the song was a hit, a romantic pop ballad that reached the top of the charts. It stayed on top of the UK Singles Chart for weeks, also number four on the Billboard Hot 100 and winning a lot of prizes. In 1996, it was released in three single versions: the 1st one, a main single, the second one with a special Christmas pack and the third one, a two-tack cassette single.

The song is part of the Spice Girls’ album named "Spice", and it was the group’s third single. After so many years from its release, the song was covered in 2019 by Emma Bunton as a duet with Robbie Williams, on her album named "My Happy Place".

It was considered to be a love song that also addresses the importance of contraception, and it was inspired by the relationship between Geri Halliwell and Rowe. This relationship was the reason why they wrote the lyrics together.

Looking into its composition, we hear elements like guitar, electronic keyboard and string instruments, besides the vocal.

Being a pop ballad, the song is written in the key of F# major, with 72 beats per minute. Try the 2 Become 1 free piano sheets. They’re awesome.

The song also has a Spanish version, written by them and Rowe, Stannard and N.Mano. The version is also on their album "Spice" and it was a maxi-single in the US.

The video was released in November 1996 and it shows Spice Girls dressed in winter coats, in front of the camera, singing the song with the wind blowing their faces, due to the machines blowing on them.

The girls are wandering around Times Square in New York with fast moving cars appearing around. The video is known to be really different from the other ones that they shot entirely in the studio, due to the technology used.

2 become 1 has a lot of cover versions by well-known artist, like Paul Gilbert, Sitti Navarro, Emma Bunton or Olly Alexander.

It was also used in a Pepsi Silved Clef Concert, by Emma Bunton in her single career.

Try playing the 2 Become 1 free piano sheet music on your piano and bring all that love into your home with the help of our website.

Piano tutorial and cover

2 Become 1 - Spice Girls piano tutorial

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