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Elton John is an English artist, pianist, songwriter, and composer, who gathered a lot of success over the years, selling more than 300 million records and participating in the most important tributes, "Candle in the wind", a tribute dedicated to Princess Diana.

Among other amazing songs of Elton, we are looking today into free I’m Still Standing piano sheet music.

I’m Still Standing is considered a statement of John’s resilience. The song was released on the 3rd of February 1983, as part of the album named Too Low for Zero. The real story behind the lyrics is mainly about a former lover and how Elton is still standing after the breakup.

The lyrics are about finding confidence again and being strong after a relationship ends, the reason why the song went very well on a younger audience but not only, being a general subject.

John declared about the song that "my reaction to still being relevant and successful in the early 1980s, post-punk and with the New Romantics creeping in".

The song went directly number 1 in most of the charts, mainly peaking at number 1 in Canada and Switzerland and 4th place and 12th in the UK and US.

The video for I’m Still Standing was directed by Russel Mulcahy, which was filmed in France and it features the colors of the French flag.

During the filming of the video, John knew and became friends with Simon Le Bon, a member of the Duran Duran band, over a glass of martini that actually turned into six. John was a celebrity for the people in town and everybody was exciting and amazed by his presence there, during the video shooting.

The song’s composition is from rock and roll style, lasting for no more than 3 minutes and 2 seconds and the main elements used are piano, synthesizer and lead vocals by Elton John, electric guitars and backing vocals by Davey Johnstone, bass guitar and backing vocals by Dee Murray, drums and backing vocals by Nigel Olsson.

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I’m Still Standing - Elton John piano tutorial

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