Pink Floyd - Hey You sheet music

Whoever knows the best of rock and art rock, lived his life with Pink Floyd in his headphones.

Today we are going to address one of their greatest songs - Hey You.

In November 1979, Pink Floyd released in the UK Hey You, as part of their double album named The Wall.

The song was edited out of the film for fear on the part of the filmmakers that the film was running too long.

A notable thing is that a rough version of the song is available as an extra on the 25th Anniversary Edition DVD.

The free Hey You piano sheet music has a length of 4:40 minutes and was released as progressive rock, hard rock, psychedelic rock, and rock song, by Columbia and Harvest record labels.

The song was written by Roger Waters and was produced by Bob Ezrin, David Gilmour, James Guthrie, and Roger Waters.

Looking into its composition, the song starts off with the acoustic guitar, plays arpeggios over E and D minor, then a fretless bass enters the show.

We can also enjoy the bassist Roger Waters and the electric piano by Rick Wright.

The song continues with the solo guitar, after which Roger Waters sings the lead vocal for the rest of the song.

The interesting thing about the free Hey You piano sheets is the 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars, the electric guitar, and the pedal steel, which make the song so unique.

Hey, You is so unique through the complexity of the present instruments, and through the professionalism of the members of the band.

The film version was shot for the movie Pink Floyd – The Wall and features Pink trying to claw out of his freshly completed wall.

The song was covered by other artists also, like for example the version by Bobaflex in 2017, or the one by Dream Theater.

The good news is that now you can enjoy the materials on our website if you want to try playing it at your piano at home.

Good luck with that and do not forget to come back with your feedback.

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Hey You - Pink Floyd piano tutorial

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