Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line sheet music

Classic, unique and so amazing, Johnny Cash always offers us incredible songs and rhythms to play and sing by.

Johnny Cash was an American artist, acting as a singer, actor, and songwriter.

He played mostly songs regarding the themes of sorrow and redemption and enchanted us with his deep, calm bass-baritone voice.

In 1956 he wrote I Walk The Line, under the production of Sam Phillips.

The free I Walk The Line piano sheet music was released as part of his album named Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar! in 1956.

It became his first number one hit on the Billboard charts and topped the charts in many countries all over the world, selling over two million copies.

Because of its success, I Walk The Line was used and referred to a lot in media, movies, TV shows, or events.

It was also the title song for the 1970 movie I Walk The Line.

The song has been covered by many famous artists and it still is on top of the classic radio stations nowadays.

The most notable versions which we can mention are Burl Ives’s, Dean Martin’s in 1963, The Everly Brothers’ in 1963, or Halsey’s in 2015.

Looking into the background of the free I Walk The Line piano sheets, we find out that the unique chord progression was inspired by the backward playback of guitar sounds on Cash’s recorder.

The song has a length of 2:45 minutes and was released as a country and rockabilly song released by Sun records label.

Even if the song is very simple, the lyrics are full of meaning and maybe they give away more than the music conveys.

The rhythm is based upon the boom Chicka boom and freight train rhythm from most of Cash’s songs.

One of the greatest songs by Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line – written in less than 50 minutes, as he said, is now available on our website.

It is now easier for you to try playing I Walk The Line at your piano at home, so good luck.

Piano tutorial and cover

I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash piano tutorial

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