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Green, Green Grass of Home is a song performed by Welsh singer Sir Thomas John Woodward, or better known simply as Tom Jones.

The song is a beautiful blend of country and schlager musical genres, which was released in November 1966.

The initial version of the song was written by American songwriter Claude Putman Jr., better known simply as Curly Putman. American country music artist Johnny Darrell first recorded the song.

Green, Green Grass of Home was not so well known until 1965 when a recording by American country music singer Porter Wayne Wagoner. Wagoner’s version reached the 4th place on the Country Singles Chart in the United States.

The song was also covered by Bobby Bare and by Jerry Lee Lewis in 1965, who included it on their album titled Country Songs for City Folks.

Tom Jones learned the free Green, Green Grass of Home piano sheet music from Lewis’ version. Jones hit the jackpot with it since his song became number 1 on multiple charts.

Jones came to know the song during an appearance in 1965 at The Ed Sullivan Show. During that time, he took a visit to the Colony Records while staying in New York City, where he heard Lewis’ song. He was instantly in love with it. After some discussion, the two came to an agreement and Jones started recording the song.

Jones released the song as part of his album titled Green, Green Grass of Home. The official release of the song came in November 1966.

As of September 2017, the song was sold in over 1 and a quarter million copies worldwide.

In December 1966, the free Green, Green Grass of Home piano sheets managed to hit the first place on multiple musical charts throughout the world. It managed to stay at the top for seven weeks straight.

Jones performed the song along with Vincent Moon on a special Take-Away Show in February 2009.

Other notable performances of the song were in September 2006, when Jones performed the song in a duet with Jerry Lee Lewis at the New York City Last Man Standing TV special.

On 1 January 2010, Jones performed on the 10th edition of Jool's Annual Hootenanny from 2009.

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