Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender sheet music

Love Me Tender is a song by the legendary American singer Elvis Presley.

The song was published by the RCA Records record label.

Love Me Tender was adapted after the Aura Lee (or Aura Lea) song, a ballad from the American Civil War.

Aura Lee had music by George R. Poulton and words by W. W. Fosdick.

The song was also played at West Point United States Military Academy in New York.

The song was released on the 6th of October 1956 and recorded on the 24th of August, the same year.

It's a country song that lasts for 2 minutes and 41 seconds.

It was written by Elvis Presley, George R. Poulton, Ken Darby (uncredited), and Vera Matson. The song was produced by Ernie Oelhrich and Thorne Norgar under the umbrella of RCA Records.

Love Me Tender was covered by multiple artists throughout time.

There were multiple free Love Me Tender piano sheets made throughout time, all of which you will find here.

Such artists include Richard Chamberlain, Percy Sledge, B.B. King, and Albert King, but the famous song, with its graceful piano notes, which you have the opportunity to enjoy for free, is the best fit to Elvis’s strong but refined voice.

It is a single belonging to Elvis, which was placed in the third position for three weeks on the R&B chart and it succeeded another single of the same artist, Don’t Be Cruel at the first position.

Elvis recorded the song two times, in live performance, on the albums NBC-TV Special in 1968, and Elvis: As Recorded at Madison Square Garden in 1972, adding also some fantastic performances of the singer from television recordings and from his magnificent concerts which were released after the artist’s death.

Love Me Tender got to the heart of many people, touching their most sensitive part of the soul, the one regarding sweet but sometimes painful feelings as love, not only through its lyrics built as a prayer, a strong desire of feeling safe and surrounded by love but also through the utilization of a serene melody line, as the free Love Me Tender piano sheet music shows, getting the attention and appreciation of many fans.

One of the contributions to the public’s appreciation and its success may be the fact that it was performed in the Golden Globe-winning concert movie of 1972, Elvis on Tour.

Overall, the huge audience that the song has been having since it was released on the music market industry, can only support the affirmation according to which Love Me Tender would have deserved even more awards and it would maybe have received them if Elvis would have lived longer to charm everybody with his talent.

Even though no other Elvis will be born, you can still be pleased by listening to his music and other songs of The King.

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Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley piano tutorial

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