Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack sheet music

We already know that you are not going to keep your calm until the end of the Hit The Road Jack song.

This is why we chose it for today’s article, but also because we received a request to offer the free sheets for this amazing song.

In 1961, Ray Charles went straight on top of the charts with one of the most amazing evergreens - Hit The Road Jack.

Ray Charles was an American singer, pianist, and songwriter referred to as The Genius.

The reason for his awesomeness is that despite being blinded during childhood, he was one of the most famous singers of soul music.

Hit The Road Jack was released in August 1961, written by Percy Mayfield, and first recorded in 1960.

The free Hit The Road Jack piano sheet music was first recorded as a cappella demo but became famous after it was recorded by Ray Charles.

Because of its success, the song became Charles’ signature song.

Hit The Road Jack was released as an A-side for the song The Danger Zone, is part of the R&B music genre and was released by the ABC-Paramount records label.

The song was written by Percy Mayfield and produced by Sid Feller.

Looking into the free Hit The Road Jack piano sheets composition, we learn that it was released as an R&B song, with a length of 2:00 minutes.

Once released, Hit The Road Jack got straight on top of the charts, reaching number one for two weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song also won a Grammy Award for Best Rhythm and Blues Recording.

It was also number one on the R&B Sides chart for five weeks and ranked number 387 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

The interesting fact about Hit The Road Jack is that The Chantels released an answer song named Well, I Told You.

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Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles piano tutorial

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