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Alan Walker debuted in 2015 in the music industry and got famous due to his single Faded, which received 14 platinum certifications.

He is a DJ and a producer and he sings mainly EDM, electro house, and deep house music genres and he plays keyboards, piano, and also programs as a DJ.

Today we are going to talk about Faded, his song released in December 2015.

The song was released as part of Alan Walker’s album named Different World and was written by a team of great songwriters, as Alan Walker, Jesper Borgen, Anders Froen, Gunnar Greve Pettersen.

Faded was produced by Walker, together with Jesper Borgen and Mood Melodies.

The free Faded piano sheets were released by Mer Musikk record label and are considered part of the EDM music genre.

Once released, Faded went on top of the charts immediately.

It peaked in the top 10 in many countries, for example, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Australia, and many more.

An important mentioning fact is that, as of February 2021, it is also the 19th most viewed video on YouTube.

Because of its success, the song was performed live by several female artists, such as Alexandra Rotan, Zara Larsson, or Angelina Jordan, and was also covered by many famous artists.

Looking into the composition of the free Faded piano sheet music, we learn that, in its original version, the song has a length of 3:32 minutes.

The accompanying music video was filmed in Estonia and it features Shahab Salehi as the main character and is, as we mentioned, the 19th most viewed video on YouTube.

The video was produced by Bror Bror and co-directed by Rikkard and Tobias Haggbom.

The story from the video is about a young man, dressed in scruffy clothes, roaming with his backpack, searching for his home.

You can now find all the materials about Faded on our website, so feel free to navigate and try this hit on your piano.

Piano tutorial and cover

Faded - Alan Walker piano tutorial

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