Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here sheet music

Amazing rhythm, emotions, guitar, and vibe, given through the song Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd.

The band was originally formed in London and was the first British psychedelic group.

The members of the band were at the beginning as follows: Syd Barrett (guitar, lead vocals), Nick Mason in charge with the drums, Roger Waters with the bass guitar, vocals, Richard Wright in charge with the keyboards, vocals, and Bob Klose with the guitars.

The feeling of the song is rather sad, but the amazing guitar manages to transpose you in a unique state of mind.

Wish You Were Here was released as the title track of their album named Wish You Were Here, from 1975.

The story behind the lyrics is about missing the life partner, asking a lot of deep questions like:

So, do you think you can tell

Heaven from hell?

in order to share all the fears and uncertainties with the loved one, who is not by his side.

The free Wish You Were Here piano sheet music was released in September 1975 and has a length of 5:41 minutes and was released by the Harvest and Columbia record labels.

The song was released as a progressive rock song and had an amazing success.

Wish You Were Here was produced by Pink Floyd and was co-written by David Gilmour and Roger Waters.

Looking into the free Wish You Were Here piano sheets composition, we should mention that the song is considered a tribute to Syd Barrett, and it was praised by critics as one of Pink Floyd’s best songs ever.

The song includes instruments like scat singing, acoustic guitar – both six and twelve-string, pedal steel guitar, drums, bass, and piano.

Because of the song’s success, it was covered by other famous artists, like for example Wyclef Jean, who released the song in December 2001, as A-side for his song No Woman, No Cry.

Today someone asked us to upload the materials for Wish You Were Here, so the good news is that today you have the sheets available on our website.

So, good luck in learning how to play Wish You Were Here at your piano.

Piano tutorial and cover

Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd piano tutorial

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