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In 1992, Radiohead released Creep, as part of their album Pablo Honey, having amazing success among the public.

Radiohead is an English rock band, formed in England in 1985.

The band consists of five members, each playing an instrument: Thom Yorke responsible with vocals, guitar, piano, and keyboards, brothers Jonny Greenwood with lead guitar, keyboards, and other instruments, and Colin Greenwood - bass, Ed O'Brien managing the guitar, backing vocals, and Philip Selway with drums and percussion.

Creep was released in September 1992, by the EMI and Parlophone record labels.

It topped the charts in so many countries.

In September 1992, the song reached number 78 on the UK Singles Chart and sold over 6,000 copies.

The free Creep piano sheet music was covered by many artists over time.

Renowned examples are Prince, Frank Bennett, Arlo Parks, or Jim Carrey.

The free Cree piano sheets have a length of 3:56 minutes and were released as alternative rock, post-grunge, grunge, and pop song.

It was produced by Sean Slade and Paul Q Kolderie and was written by Radiohead, Albert Hammond, and Mike Hazlewood.

The interesting fact about Creep is that it is atypical of the music normally played and composed by Radiohead.

As we already said earlier, in the end, even if the band achieved success with other albums or songs, the hit remains their most successful single.

Looking into the song’s composition, the story behind the lyrics is about an inebriated man who tries to get the attention of a woman to whom he is attracted.

The composer of the song said that actually, Creep is a happy song about realizing who you really are.

Creep’s music video was filmed at the Venue, Oxford.

The video features the band in a concert, which was performed for real, for the music video.

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Creep - Radiohead piano tutorial

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