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No matter if you think with the head or the heart, you can still find ways to find arguments that you are human.

These three words included are very important for the 2013 album of Christina Perri, called "Head or Heart", which contains the beautiful single named "Human", which registered a high success.

The ones that wrote the masterpiece are Christina and Martin Johnson, who is also the producer of this song. Both the singer and the song received positive reviews, increasing the success recorded by the artist and making the song become part of the Top 10 Adult Pop in the US and on the Billboard Hot 100.

Starting from its release, the song appeared as a debut on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart, being placed on the first position. It fast reached top positions, as for example No. 31 on the Hot 100 in May 2014. It also registered a success in Canada.

The song clearly illustrates Christina’s well-known style, being built especially on softly accorded piano notes, combined with her magnificent deep voice, making the free Human piano sheet music truly amazing..

In this way, there was built a successful pop power ballad, which puts a lot of accent on the human side that exist in each of us, especially when talking about love and feelings in general.

There is another interesting part related to "Human", and that is the video filmed by the artist. As many others did, Christina published the video of the song on her YouTube account.

The music video is strongly connected to the words and ideas, and illustrates not only the difference between a human being and a robot, but it also shows the way a person can become a human being by putting aside her mechanical side and believe in feelings.

Overall, Christina shows again her talent and capacity to charm people through her way of being, singing and acting in her interesting videos, putting a lot of accent on the human side that is based on feelings, deep emotions and the power to live.

Awards are waiting in line, free Human piano sheets are offered and she becomes more and more appreciated worldwide.

Piano tutorial and cover

Human - Christina Perri piano tutorial

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