John Williams - Jurassic Park Soundtrack Theme Song sheet music

With an innovative and fascinating subject, the long lost world of dinosaurs, it is easy to understand why Jurassic Park had such an outstanding success throughout the entire planet, definitely deserving a spot in the Hollywood classic movies hall of fame.

The movie was new through all its elements from the amazing visuals to the perfectly fitted soundtrack, which can be perfectly adapted for the piano.

The latter got an enormous amount of appreciation from the critics and fans, being the masterpiece of none other than John Williams, the American composer, piano player and conductor responsible for the soundtracks of Hollywood’s most popular films.

Born in 1932 and with a career over six decades long, Williams managed to establish himself as the most appreciated movie soundtrack composer of all time. His work includes movies such as Star Wars or the Indiana Jones Series, the artist also having a long-lasting collaboration with Steven Spielberg.

While developing the score for the theme song of Jurassic Park, Williams found his inspiration in the theme of the movie itself, trying to include the essence of the wild spirit of dinosaurs in it. The free Jurassic Park Theme piano sheet music express the tense atmosphere very good.

He describes the whole process as

"a rugged, noisy effort - a massive job of symphonic cartooning"

The composer was unable to work with Steven Spielberg on this particular film as he was in Poland shooting Schindler’s List at the time, the only contact between the two being the few demos, sheets and audio versions that he had showed the director prior to his departure.

Although the piano was the main instrument used for this theme song, the final version of the score used a large orchestra including a choir, two harps, and different kinds of percussion.

Due to John Williams’s dedication, talent and hard work, the Jurassic Park soundtrack theme song remains until today one of the most famous movie soundtracks of all times. It has been nominated for Best Score Soundtrack at the Grammy Awards in 1993 and won Best Sound Editing at the Academy Awards that same year.

Are you a movie enthusiast and also a piano player? On our website you can find the free Jurassic Park Theme piano sheets for this song and for many, many others. Also, more tabs and scores await you. All you have to do is be curious and keep searching around.

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