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"Shot for me" is the second track on Drakes’ second album entitled "Take Care", released in 2011.

The song is a review of the rapper’s past relationships, about how he got his heart broken and how his life and theirs were influenced by the love story. He brings up two of his failed romances with Alisha Philips and Catya Washington, both of them being mentioned in other Drake songs as well.

Young, successful and charming. These are just a few words that describe Drake, the Canadian rapper, singer and songwriter that seems to have conquered the musical world.

His unique voice, heartfelt lyrics and sweet attitude managed to put a spell on the young public today and not only. His talent is also visible in the free Shot for me piano sheets.

Drake, on his real name Aubrey Drake Graham, was born in Canada on October 24, 1986. He is not only a rapper and a singer, but also a record producer, songwriter and actor. He first managed to gain some visibility through a teen drama series called "Degrassi: The Next Generation" (2000-2007), after that releasing his first solo mix tape entitled "Room for Improvement" that launched his career as a rapper. If you are a fan of the rapper’s music, here you will a find a great number of piano scores for his songs.

The name of the song "Shot for me" has a double meaning, referring first to how people tend to drink themselves out of their problems and depression.

Drake is joking telling his exes to have a drink in the memory of him and the love that could have been. And second to taking a bullet for someone, risking your life for the person you care for.

In this way, two sides of being in love are highlighted, both the pain of it being over and the constant need to still sacrifice everything for the other person even though they are not in your life anymore.

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