Phil Collins - I Wish It Would Rain Down sheet music

"I Wish It Would Rain Down" is a song by Phil Collins.

I Wish It Would Rain Down by Phil Collins was a real successful track. This can be said due to the fact that the song have risen to No 1 hit in different tops.

Phil Collins has built a tight friendship with Eric Clapton since 1980. They worked together on two albums of Clapton, where Collins played drums and synths on many tracks.

Later, Clapton returned the favor and played guitar on "I Wish It Would Rain Down", song which if found on the album "...But Seriously", from 1989.

The song has been chosen No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and No. 1 on the RPM Top 100 in Canada, for six weeks. It also reached No. 7 on the UK Singles Chart.

The free I Wish It Would Rain Down piano sheets were composed in the original key Ab Major.

The music video has eight minutes and a half. The idea was the black-and-white contrast, produced by Paul Flattery and directed by Jim Yukich. The place where the action is happening is a theater in the 1930s.

The music video is starting with a scene where tree women are dancing and illustrates the actor Jeffrey Tambor, being a critical theatre director. The quick dialogue between Collins and Jeffrey Tambor, ends up when the actor tells Collins to start the song.

Since the song starts and until it ends, Collins, as Billy’s character, dreams about becoming a prestigious stage actor, singer and even a movie star.

During the montage, free piano sheet music of "I Wish It Would Rain Down" is shown, among Collins' photo. "I Wish It Would Rain Down" is scored for piano, vocal and guitar.

During the music video there are caught fake covers of the most important industry publications, where are written news about the character "Billy".

The free I Wish It Would Rain Down piano sheet music is ranged between Eb4-Bb5. For anyone who would like to learn and play the song, "I Wish It Would Rain Down" sheet music is available online, right here.

"I Wish It Would Rain Down" took advantage of impressive popularity, being the longest-running single in Canada atop the charts.

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I Wish It Would Rain Down - Phil Collins piano tutorial

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