Frederich Chopin - Nocturne 2 Opus 9 sheet music

Nocturne 2, Op. 9 is one of Frédéric Chopin's best compositions.

More that being one of Chopin's best art pieces, this is one of the best piano compositions in the world, till this date. It is one of the best and most expressive pieces of art that can be played on the piano.

"Nocturne 2, Op. 9" by Frédéric Chopin was composed in E-flat major has of course the piano as the center focus of the score, being played in a crescendo, from a delicate and slow tempo to an increasing one as the song progresses.

The melody appears three times during the piece, every time being doubled by more and more decorative sound effects to enhance its beauty.

The rhythm of the nocturne varies greatly, from slow and reflective to passionate and thrilling, the end of it however returning to the initial state of equilibrium and calm. The perfect balance between the two states is what individualizes this nocturne from the others.

All of Chopin’s compositions use the piano as the main instrument, his works including ballads, waltzes, preludes, sonatas and nocturnes, the latest ones being musical compositions that have, as the name suggests, the night as the main theme or inspiration.

Also, they were mostly played at evening parties, Chopin’s "The Nocturnes, Op.9" being a series of three songs written between 1830 and 1832, the second one becoming the most appreciated and praised. (You can find the piano sheets of all three nocturnes down below on our website).

With a genius mind and with music that will live for many more centuries, Frédéric Chopin definitely put his mark on the 19th century musical development and on the Romantic era that he had so gracefully represented through his magnificent work.

Born on the 1st of March, 1810 in Warsaw, Chopin affirmed himself as a child prodigy and completed his musical education in Poland, moving to Paris at the age of 21. His talent and dedication carried his name around influential circles in France and Chopin became close friends with personalities such as Franz Liszt and Robert Schumann.

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Piano tutorial and cover

Nocturne 2 Opus 9 - Frederich Chopin piano tutorial

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