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Eminem, by his real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American singer, mainly known for his unique rapper style.

He always succeeded to break the racist barriers regarding white rappers.

His debut album is named Infinite and it was released in 1996, after which came his success and partnership with many famous artists.

Lose Yourself is a song written by him for the movie soundtrack 8 Mile.

The song was released in 2002 and it was part of the album 8 Mile: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture.

Like most of Eminem’s songs, Lose Yourself is a hip hop genre, it is long enough – more than 5 minutes and it was labeled by Aftermath, Shady, and Interscope.

When released, it was a success, becoming Eminem’s first Billboard Hot 100 number one single.

It topped a lot of charts and won many awards, amongst which we can list MTV Video Music Awards for Best Video from a Film, Grammy Award for Best Rap Song.

The free Lose Yourself piano sheet music incorporates some aggressive themes, is a mid-tempo track that also has an urgent narrative delivery.

The composition of the song incorporates elements like piano, strings, electric guitar, violin, bass, and drums.

The song and the video were written on set, between the breaks of filming the movie.

The story from the video contains many scenarios, including several scenes from the 8 Mile movie.

The B-Rabbit character difficulties are brought into light several times during the video and are also the ostracism by rap communities towards Eminem in real life, due to his color and his problematic personal life.

The video was a success of course, with more than 850 million views on YouTube, and many awards.

The lyrics and the story send the important message of how, despite all the problems, you can overcome them and gain the respect of others.

This is well reflected in the free Lose Yourself piano sheets.

Lose yourself was the Longest Running Single at Number One for a Rap Song, staying on top of charts for more than 23 weeks.

You can find the materials you need on our website in order to play the song on your piano.

This is a unique song that you should try to play on your own.

Piano tutorial and cover

Lose Yourself - Eminem piano tutorial

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