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Piano Man is the song we kindly chose for you this weekend.

William Martin Joel is an American artist also known as the "Piano Man", acting as a singer and songwriter, also a great composer.

He was born in May 1949 and has been active in the music industry since 1964.

Billy Joel has released 13 studio albums and won too many awards to mention.

Among his most famous songs we can name the free Piano Man piano sheets, She’s Always a Woman, Captain Jack or Just the Way You Are.

The song that got him his nickname Piano Man, was written by him and produced by Michael Stewart, in 1973.

Piano Man was released as the artist’s first single in North America and as part of his album named the same - Piano Man.

The song was also released as a single in November, having the song You’re My Home on its B-side.

The story behind the free Piano Man piano sheet music lyrics comes from the artist’s real-life experience as a lounge musician in LA from 1972 to 1973.

The song exposes Billy Joel’s point of view as a piano player at a bar, taking us through his experiences and the people he met there.

Once released, the song embraced incredible success, becoming the artist’s best single until the date, and his signature song.

With a length of 5:40 minutes in its original version, Piano Man was written in the key of C major, having a ¾ waltz time signature.

Looking into its composition, the song begins with a piano solo with jazz influences and includes bass guitar, harmonica, piano, accordion, acoustic guitar, mandolin and drums.

The song features also two music videos, one released in 1973, presenting Billy Joel portraying Bill Martin and the other one filmed in 1985, with a more crowded scene.

Piano tutorial and cover

Piano Man - Billy Joel piano tutorial

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