Michael Jackson - Beat It sheet music

There are some names in life you never forget and almost always put on top of your preferences, no matter what.

Michael Jackson is one of those artists that you never forget, never underestimate and always choose on your playlist.

Michael Jackson was an incredible American artist, having his life concentrated around love, human nature, and children.

Among his greatest hits, we can name Billie Jean, Black or White, Human Nature or Beat It.

He sang mainly pop, soul, and rock, but also R&B, disco, and new jack swing, and he was also known as The King of Pop.

In 1983 Michael Jackson released the free Beat It piano sheets, as part of his album named Thriller.

The song was written by Michael Jackson and produced by him together with a great artist – Quincy Jones.

The free Beat It piano sheet music has a length of 4:18 minutes in its original version and it was released as a hard rock music genre song, through Westlake Recording Studios.

The song has incredible energy, and Michael Jackson’s declaration about the song describes it the best: "I wanted to write a song, the type of song that I would buy if I were to buy a rock song... and I wanted the children to really enjoy it—the school children as well as the college students."

Once released, Beat It received Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Best Male Rock Vocal Performance and topped the charts worldwide.

The song has also a full-of-action music video, featuring Michael Jackson bringing two gangs together through the power of music and dance.

Looking into Beat It music composition, we are enchanted by a great drum part programmed on a drum machine, an incredible bass line, bass guitar, and keyboards.

Beat It was composed in the key of E minor, having a fast tempo of 138 beats per minute.

If you are ready to bring that beat into your home, then Beat It!

Piano tutorial and cover

Beat It - Michael Jackson piano tutorial

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