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The American artist Justin Timberlake represents a model of success, of working hard to reach the goal so desired, the idol of many adolescents and young boys of nowadays and the image of the perfect boyfriend for numerous girls of different ages.

Timberlake has shown his talent, not only as a singer, but also as a great composer.

One of the newest songs that have on our website is the recently released "Mirrors", from his third studio album, "The 20/20 Experience".

The composition started in 2009 and it used as inspiration the singer's deep feelings for his wife, actress Jessica Biel and also his grandparents, who seem to always have an infinite love one for each other, no matter the age.

The "Mirrors" sheet music, which respects the rhythm of this beautiful pop and R&B ballad is magnificent and makes you take a look over past time, empower your feelings of love and thoughts of faith.

The song was produced and written by Timberlake in collaboration with Timothy Mosley, also known as Timbaland and Jerome Harmon. James Fauntleroy also brought his contribution in a certain percentage.

Taking a look at its success, it can be claimed that there is a high probability for the song to become one of the most appreciated of this day and age. It reached the tops on the Australian Urban, Croatian, Bulgarian, actually European as a whole, Lebanon, Polish and even South African, but most of its fans are in the UK, as expected.

Moreover, "Mirrors" has managed to get on the second position on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.A.

What is important for its ascension is the fact that not only the fans received the song well, but critics also had beautiful words to say about the creation of words and melodic line, which determined them to create positive reviews after its release.

The nomination for Grammy Award and a Teen Choice Award 2013 have added to its performances, as also are the two MTV Video Music Awards won by the video released in March 2013.

Because of the deep message it manages to share, having also a great acoustic melody, which is great for a transposition into a piano sheet, which you can find here, "Mirrors" has been covered many times since its release, among the artist who performed it being placed Paradise Fears, Boyce Avenue featuring Fifth Harmony, Daniel Evans during X Factor in the UK, and Ellie Goulding, who sang it in the Live Lounge, adding "piano and more soulful edge", according to Entertainment Weekly.

As the video of "Mirrors" also shows, time passes feelings remain and grow, fashion goes and comes around, but shining new creations have some souls to heal, some thoughts to fill, some images to create.

This is the case of the Mirrors free piano sheets, that you can download in order for you to relax, take it easy and see the value of the things and people that surround you.

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Mirrors - Justin Timberlake piano tutorial

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